Chapter: Interludes

Stuff that’s not actually comics, for when the comics don’t get comic’d in time.


Ben’s Gross Con Crud

Ben fought the good fight, but the spirochetes won. You can thank RadCon for no comic this week. Which means that instead of finishing up the first story on March 31st, the last page...


Tryptophan Coma

Sorry everybody, but between the Thanksgiving festivities and the server crapping itself over the weekend, things managed to get away from us. We’re working hard on getting everything fixed up and caught up. With December’s...


Kickstarter Hangover

$40,367! Wow! Just…wow, you guys! Not only did we hit our goal, and actually get to make the Demon Hunters RPG: A Comedy of Terrors, but we managed to hit our first two stretch goals!...