Hey Gabe, remember that rousing pep talk from a couple pages back? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I don't think it worked.
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Demon Hunters: Back from the Dead – Page 43

Demon Hunters: Back from the Dead – Page 43

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56 Responses

  1. unacomn says:

    Join the brotherhood, they said. Kill demons, they said.

    Mop up goo left over from when other people kill monsters? That wasn’t on the list.

    And they’ve been doing this for a year… poor, poor Omega

  2. Katie says:

    Yeah, I know about you and Kat and the kink, Jenna:) And I’m still really happy that you’ve picked up the DH Universe–you and Ben (whose art is phenom and manages to look like Nate and Don without being enslaved to the movie look) have done a great job with it and made me proud. Not that you need to make me proud, but DG and DH still shaped a lot of my time and memories at good ol’ PNU, and I think the comics are a really great way to explore and expand the DH universe.

    Take a break but come back soon!!!

  3. Fsyron says:

    Well, that was unexpected 🙂
    I really enjoyed the first story arc, each new page was eagerly expected. No clue what I will do with my tuesdays now that I will have to wait for new material for months instead of days 🙂

    You really did a great job, Jenna and Ben, and I will be the first to import the printed version to Germany, once it hits the market.

    I will definitely continue to ride along 🙂

  4. PolkaNinja says:

    Oh, PLEASE tell me we are going to get a statup on Zeta One for the game!
    Even as a PDF download or extra. Doesn’t have to be in the main book.
    So much weirdness must be stated!

  5. Fsyron says:

    What a strange feeling… it’s demon hunters tuesday and nothing happens… 🙂

    • Matthew "Kyu Kage" Hunt says:


      But we still have KBC and Purple Ninja to look forward to in the interim.

      Plus, plenty of time to go back and re-read the Comic.

      And Dead.FM and the new Kickstarters on the horizon. 🙂

    • Last night, Jenna briefly panicked because I hadn’t sent her the new page yet.

  6. ArcherK says:

    Jesus Christ, man, take it easy on the cursing. That’s a bit too rough.

    • Jenna McMichael says:

      My apologies to any Grawlix-speaking cartoon people out there who are offended by my punctuation marks.

      • ArcherK says:

        Not that part. The one after that. “Vybliadok” is a bit too much for a comic. I assume you were going for “son of a bitch” there. I’d suggest using “sookin syn” instead, it’s a bit more family friendly.

        • Jenna McMichael says:

          That is indeed what I was going for. Nothing I found while researching Ukranian profanity indicated that it was particularly severe. The translations were either “son of a bitch” or “bastard”. Good to know. I’ll keep it in mind when we’re making edits for the print version. Thanks!

        • Mr Wolff says:

          To be honest, I think it kinda adds character to him. Of course “bastard” would be lighter than “son of a bitch”. And though it is just a comic, it’s still the demon hunters, and cursing is a common thing when your everyday job is slaying demons.

          Also it’s not the first time someone said “sonovabitch” before

          • ArcherK says:

            Well, maybe, but it’s little nuances. Curse words in different languages have different emotional weight to them. “Vybliadok” has an extremely angry tone to it. Like, so angry, that character saying it probably would be mid-rampage. I’ve never even heard it spoken. Ever. Even in war movies.
            Try “ublyudok”, it also means bastard but is way less rough. Exactly something a priest would say.

          • Jenna McMichael says:

            Perfect! Thanks for the help, ArcherK!

  7. annoyinglizardvoice says:

    Nice ending. I see my crew isn’t the only one to include an unstoppable statue girl.

  8. candiduscorvus says:

    Now I kind of care about these guys. When Duamerthrax kills all but Gabriel (and kinda sorta Silent Jim) how will I cope?

  9. Town Crier says:

    You missed a spot.

  10. Czar Eggbert says:

    This is a great comic, are there going to be more updates?

    • Jenna McMichael says:

      Absolutely! We’re on hiatus at the moment while we scramble to finish up Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors, an action-comedy roleplaying game coming out aaaaaaany day now. Look for the comic to start up again some time this fall.

  11. PolkaNinja says:

    OK guys the game is out, time to get the comic going again!
    Like now! Like before now! Please!
    I need my DH fix. Because I have a problem, and Demon Hunters is the fix!

  12. zebbiethezombie says:

    Came across this awesome webcomic while looking up DG related stuff, binge read it in a very short period found out about the movies, watched them all then reread now getting the references and preorder a copy of the players guide in about a week! I think it’s the fastest I’ve ever become obsessed with a new series! Can’t wait for my copy of the players guide pdf!

    • That’s great! Sorry the binge was so short, but we’re coming back soon.

      • zebbiethezombie says:

        No problem man, I enjoyed it! Haven’t had much time to play lately between work and parenthood, but I’m gonna see if I can’t get some people together for at least a one shot..ps, Isaac’s my favorite character from the game night episodes! I instantly knew what you meant by Constantine\supernatural style, two of my favorite series!

      • Warriormon87 says:

        “We’re coming back soon.”
        …He said almost two years ago.

  13. zebbiethezombie says:

    Been meaning to watch that show, just so much good TV out there. Admittedly hidden amongst a ten ton pile of crap that is reality tv

  14. PolkaNinja says:

    My book showed up, and it’s sooooo cool.

    Looks great with the leather cover and Brotherhood logo.
    Thanks for the great work guys!

  15. PolkaNinja says:

    Ok guys.
    It’s been a year. Are we getting back on the road, or is this on indefinate leave?
    Please give us some kind of ETA on a new chapter.

    • Sorry for the late response. Right now, I’m working to get all the promised Patreon rewards caught up. As soon as they’re finished, we can start production on the next chapter. I’m working my ass off to make sure this happens as soon as possible.

      • PolkaNinja says:

        It’s cool Ben. You’ve got stuff, I get that. I was just afraid this had gone by the wayside.

        Thanks for the update. Stay cool.

  16. Mörkblå says:

    Is this webcomic dead? I hope not, it seems to have potential. 🙂

  17. Warriormon87 says:

    I’m not sure this comic is coming back.

  18. D-Wolf Alpha says:

    Oh my god, pleeeaase do more! I have to know what happens next! Even if it’s just a picture of Gabriel and Jim having a beer with no dialogue!

  19. Great Aunt Sue says:

    Yeah. Uh, looks like the whole gang is DOA. Even DG is lost and gone forever, dreadful sorry… (i suspect nobody will get that reference.)

  20. ArgentCorvus says:

    Apparently we have in fact seen the last of them.

  21. Kaerith says:

    Do we still have a Chance here?

  22. Fayte says:

    I loved this comic it is a shame it is probably not coming back

  23. Jericho says:

    I keep coming back every few months to check on Gabriel and the crew. I hope to see them again one day.

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