It’s Gen Con week! Come meet the DG and ZOE folks at the Zombie Orpheus Entertainment booth (Booth 114). ZOE will be holding several screenings during the convention, including the world premieres of Dark Dungeons, The Gamers: Natural 1, and The Gamers: Humans & Households.


2014 ZOE Gen Con Schedule


While you’re at the ZOE booth (or if you happen to spot Jen Page on the con floor), make sure you pick up a postcard to learn more about the upcoming Demon Hunters Roleplaying Game Kickstarter happening this September. There be treasure in them cards! No really, there’s a prize on the card. See for yourself, and click on through to find out more!:


Demon Hunters RPG Kickstarter Postcard - Front

Demon Hunters RPG Kickstarter Postcard - Back