Meet the Hunters


GabrielBurnout, Suspected Traitor, and Disgraced Former Leader of Alpha One

Gabriel used to lead Chapter Alpha One. It was the highest rank a Brotherhood field agent could hold. But after the Vancouver Disaster, with most of his team either dead or missing, questions were raised as to his role in the event. They didn’t like what he had to say. Now, stripped of his command and kicked out of the only life he’s ever known, he’s currently trying—and failing—to drink away the betrayal. Gabriel was born into this life. It’s the only thing he’s ever known. If he’s not a Demon Hunter, then what is he?

Silent Jim

Silent JimGunslinger, Omnidimensional Enigma, and Brotherhood Agent (Deceased)

Silent Jim was more archetype than man. Most agents didn’t like working with him, citing “an ever-present sense of impending doom.” But he and Gabriel struck up an instant camaraderie, like they’d known each other for years. Fighting side by side, they were an unstoppable team. But Silent Jim was counted among the dead following the Vancouver Disaster. His name, and those of the others that fell that day, is etched into the Xi Wall. It’s an honor reserved for only the greatest heroes who have died in service to the Brotherhood. He’s earned it.

Rigor Mortis

Rigor MortisRecovering Vampire, Acrobatic Assassin, and Brotherhood Agent

She awoke cuffed to a heavy metal table across from an elderly Scottish man with kind eyes and a wry smile. He offered her two things: a glass of synthetic blood, and an opportunity. Come work for the Brotherhood. Use the powers she’d been cursed with to save others from monsters like the vampire who’d turned her. She liked the sound of that. It’s been an uphill battle. She hears the things they call her behind her back. Drac. Vlad. Blood-Chugger. Rigor Mortis…

Rigor Mortis.

She likes that one. Maybe she’ll keep it.


WolfOne-Man War Zone and Brotherhood Freelancer

Wolf is a war veteran. EVERY war. There hasn’t been a battle in recorded history that Wolf hasn’t fought in, escalated, or outright started. There’s even a cave painting in France that depicts a pretty remarkable likeness of Wolf mowing down Neanderthals with a Gatling gun. The Brotherhood has long hoped to get Wolf signed on full-time, but none of the other agents want to work with him. He’s not what you’d call a “team player.” Maybe someday an overconfident Chapter leader will be foolish and desperate enough to recruit him to their team. There’s always hope!

Everything Wolf throws explodes.


BijouThanatologist, Vodou Priestess, and Research Scientist for the Brotherhood

The Brotherhood’s top scientists and mystics have searched for an antidote to the zombie toxin for decades, but the most promising approach to a cure yet came from a civilian. Dr. Bijou Labeaux’s doctoral dissertation on the zombie toxin was no less than a revelation, and the Brotherhood set her up with a cushy, state-of-the-art laboratory to continue her research. All that was left was to run her through the basic field combat exercises required of all new recruits. Once Bijou realized how fun field work can be, she became obsessed. Every moment not spent toiling away in the lab is spent petitioning the higher-ups for a promotion to field agent. It’ll happen; if only because no one can get a word in edgewise to disagree with her. The girl can talk!


AlbrechtWerewolf, Recluse, and Former Brotherhood Agent

The Albrechts are known around the world as skilled and deadly hunters, and Jefferson Albrecht coasted through the Brotherhood Academy on his family’s reputation. He hadn’t earned it, but he was given command of an Epsilon Chapter straight out of the academy. It got his team killed. He was the lone survivor of a werewolf attack he should have prevented. He got the antivirals in time to keep him from going full-wolf, but just barely. He hardly recognizes the angry, feral face in the mirror anymore. Unable to trust himself around other people, he’s retreated to a remote cabin in the forests of Montana. He fishes. He hunts. He gets by. It’s not the life an Albrecht should lead, but it’s a life.

The Cipher – Mark III

The CipherObsolete Cybernetic Humanoid and Connection to the Brotherhood Database

A Cipher is the most important tool in a Hunter’s arsenal. Not just a communication hub, it serves as a conduit to the vast stores of knowledge, history, and lore contained within the Brotherhood Database. And it’s all wrapped up in a titanium chassis driven by synthetic musculature and covered with realistic, damage-resistant artificial skin. The real power is all in the Goggles. In the event that a Cipher’s chassis is destroyed, it can be reinstalled—with memories intact—by attaching the old Goggles to a new chassis. The Mark III Ciphers in particular were famous for their virtually indestructable Goggles. But nobody uses the Mark IIIs anymore. Not after what happened in Vancouver. Short of a misdirected requisition form, there’s no chance they’ll ever see the light of day again.