Or maybe welcome back. Some of you are familiar with the Demon Hunters story from the movies or the RPG. Forget all that. The Demon Hunters comic is a complete re-imagining of the DH universe. We’re taking things back to before the beginning, picking up Gabriel’s story from right after the fallout from the Vancouver Disaster. Along the way you’ll recognize some faces, and encounter a familiar plotline or two, but this is an all new take on the original stories.

For the rest of you, hi! You’re in for a treat! I’ve been hooked on Demon Hunters from the very beginning, never imagining that one day I’d be handed the keys to the universe and told to take good care of it. Hopefully I do my job right, and you guys get as obsessed with these characters and this world as I did.

We’ve got a plan. The Demon Hunters story has been sketched out from beginning to end. It’s just a matter of reaching that endpoint. We’re starting out as a weekly comic, with updates every Tuesday. At a rate of one page a week, this story’s gonna take a LONG time to tell. If you like what you see, and you’d like to help us get things moving a little quicker, check out our Patreon campaign. As much as we’d love to do Demon Hunters for a living, Ben and I both have full time jobs that aren’t making this comic. Not even close. Maybe someday that can change. Every contribution gets us a little closer to our Milestone Goals, and frees us up to work on the comic more. Your contributions will help add more features to the site, and turn Demon Hunters into a two, or even three page-a-week comic. Every little bit helps!

If you like the comic, please share it with your friends. Word of mouth is our most powerful tool. And if you don’t like it, shhhhhh! Keep it to yourself!

So welcome to the Brotherhood, friends! You’re in for a hell of a show!

We ride!