See ya around, Raalf!

Wow, another month down! A huge thanks to all of our Patreon patrons who supported us in May! This Thursday, the Brotherhood’s chief historian, Kentucky Blue Clay, returns with another bizarrely true tale of monster-hunting history in Storytime with KBC, so come on back for that.

↓ Transcript
Raalf scrambles backwards on the ground. He's cornered himself in the rubble and looks terrified, staring up at Gabriel. Gabriel's legs and the gold-glowing rebar are visible to one side of the panel.

RAALF: N-Now hang on a minute, mister! I barely even knew those guys! I mean, I work with 'em, sure, but they just invited me out for a drink, and next thing I know it's all demon summonings and dead warlocks and "Meat"-this and "Meat"-that and--
GABRIEL: Shut up.
RAALF: Yessir.

Gabriel leans close to Raalf. He's got crazy eyes, and he's spattered with unspeakable ichors. This is not the face of a man you want to @#$* with.

GABRIEL: You are going to deliver a message for me. You are going to drag your sizable, orange ass back to the Pit, and tell your boss that Gabriel's back in the game. He's back, he's pissed, and he's gonna take it out on every soul-stealing, sulfur-sucking, $#&@-sack of a demon he can find. You think you can tell him that?

Raalf looks confused. Gabriel too, but in an angry way.

RAALF: M--my boss? You know Jerry?
GABRIEL: Satan, you %*@#-wit! I'm obviously talking about Satan!

Raalf laughs and gets to his feet. Gabriel's looking frustrated.

RAALF: Satan?! Ha! I'm a garbageman, dude! How the Hell am I supposed to get your message to the Prince of friggin' Darkness?
GABRIEL: Don't demons all have some sort of...I don't know...psychic link to the Beast or something?

RAALF: Whoa! Racist, man! Not cool!

PANEL 5: Gabriel throws up his hands in frustration, turns, and walks away from Raalf, who snaps his fingers and steps into a flaming portal. It's gonna be a tight fit.

GABRIEL: Fine, whatever! Tell Jerry. Maybe it'll...grapevine its way to Satan or something. I don't know...piss off!
RAALF: Hey, anything you want, man! Thanks for the mercy--I owe ya one!