Demon Hunters: Back from the Dead – Page 15

Demon Hunters: Back from the Dead – Page 15

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  1. unacomn says:

    I had no idea Gallagher was a demon hunter. All those melons must have been mimics or demonic fruit.

    • Jenna McMichael says:

      Ursula “Sister Sledge” Winfield is the bastard offspring of famed hunter “Dead-Eye” Wendy Winfield and infamous problematic prop-comic Leo Gallagher. The two met at a taping of the Tonight Show where Wendy was investigating reports of a hobgoblin in the studio that turned out to just be guest host Joan Rivers without her makeup. Their affair was brief but passionate. Dead-Eye returned to her chapter, Gallagher to a series of local amphitheaters and county fairs. Nine months later, their daughter was born.

      From an early age, Dead-Eye recognized the potential in Ursula, and began her training as soon as she could walk. On her tenth birthday, Dead-Eye led Ursula deep into the forests of the Great Smoky Mountains, and left her there to fend for herself. She emerged two weeks later, wielding a gore-spattered wooden mallet she’d fashioned from a felled spruce. It was as Dead-Eye had suspected. The legacy of her absent father’s bloodline lives on in Ursula.

      The Gallaghers have long been the guardians of one of the deadliest weapons known to mankind: the Sledge-o-Matic. A crude weapon in unskilled hands, but brutal and precise when wielded by an expert sledgeman. Ursula was a natural. She joined the Brotherhood on her eighteenth birthday, eager to put her skills to use, and has since risen through the ranks as a fierce and merciless fighter. If she’s with you on a hunt, bring a tarp—the first five rows will get wet.

  2. This page looks AWESOME! Especially the first panel! Great job, Ben!

    P.S.: I’m super-excited to see my name in the comic. I wish I knew some other Demon Hunter fan in person so I could show them the page and make them all jealous ^^

  3. abcook627 says:

    The comic is going great, so far. Thank for you for including me among your fallen heroes.

  4. That’s how we show our love. We kill you.

  5. Gordon Duke says:

    Looks great, loving the Rho7 hallway loiterers

  6. Sweet!

    Look, ma! I’m dead!

  7. They will have to take down the “Silent Jim” plaque ^^

  8. sethmd73 says:

    The first panel has seven characters but only five are tagged. I want to know the story behind the fork lifter and the slime-o-matic sweeper! 🙂

    • Jenna McMichael says:

      Marcus had it good. He was CFO of Beacon Technologies, one of the Brotherhood’s most profitable front organizations. Then his husband got his soul trapped inside a forklift during a battle with a Necromancer. When you’re in love, you sometimes have to make sacrifices. Besides, before the accident they hardly ever saw each other. Now that Marcus is on Warehouse duty, they get to spend the whole day together.

      Buford’s a janitor. Buford used to work over in Mad Science, cleaning up the genetics lab. That’s where the incident happened. Buford doesn’t clean the genetics lab anymore.

  9. Craig says:

    News on the RPG? Awesome, been waiting for that ever since it was first mentioned there might be more material coming for it.

  10. What a lively page. Let’s do this again sometime!

  11. Loving not only that I recognized Rho 7 right off the bat (er…sledgehammer…) but that I also immediately recognized a good deal of those Patron names from various other comment threads and the like on social media and forums. I’ve got secondhand excitement for them 😀

    Also….what could be behind door number 1? Is it our own favorite team of Omega underdogs? (Oh, um…sorry, Albrecht…)

  12. Town Crier says:

    Yer not officially dead until yer name’s on at least three commemorative walls. Just sayin’. Oh, and three times on one wall don’t count.

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