Sorry everybody, but the comic’s gonna be late again. I know, I’m just as upset about it as you are! Ben, your time management skills are bad and you should feel bad!

Instead, have a look at this little slice of badassitude, courtesy of Woody Arnold from Thunderfrog Studios:

Fin Fang Fanart

Tonight, the role of “Sea Demon” will by played by Marvel Comics’ Fin Fang Foom… (Click image for full-sized splendor)

Woody took the time out of his busy schedule of writing awesome comics based on other Dead Gentlemen films to set up a kickass 3D tribute to the Sea Demon flashback from Page 4:

Sea Demon vs Silent Jim


Woody, you’re beyond awesome! Ben, I am disappoint. Everybody else, new comic tomorrow. Sorry folks, we’ll get the hang of this thing someday!