PPBBLLLTT!!!┬áSomething tells me things are about to change for Gabriel. Or at least they’d better, because Demon Hunters: Pissy Drunk Guy sounds like a terrible story.

Apologies for the slightly late post this morning. We’re trying to get this thing up by the time the East Coast gets to work, but Ben was dealing with some sick baby issues. Freakin’ germ-factories. I’ll have a longer news post up later, but no sense making you wait even longer for it.


↓ Transcript
Silent Jim sits next to Gabriel at the bar. Gabriel rubs his forehead in frustration.

Gabriel: How many, Jim? How many monsters did I kill for them? How many zombies? Trolls? Freaking demons!? How many times did I bring the world back from the brink of annihilation?

Gabriel pounds the bar with his fist, shattering his glass.

Gabriel: Just to have them $%&#can me over this web of lies! Brotherhood my ass, Jim. It's a goddamn conspiracy!

Gabriel stares at the shards of glass in his bleeding hand. He doesn't seem too bothered by it.

Gabriel: I'm not gonna say I didn't screw up. We both know that isn't true. But I damn sure didn't get you killed. Any of you. It was sabotage, Jim, and I was the fall guy.

Gabriel stares at the bottle, refusing to look at Silent Jim

Gabriel: So yeah, I'm drunk. And I miss you like crazy, man. But I'm not nearly drunk enough to deal with you and the other ghosts of #&@%-ups past.

Gabriel takes a swig directly out of the bottle.

Gabriel: So shut up, Jim. Go tell the others that I'm sorry they're dead, but to leave me the hell alone.

Silent Jim places a hand on Gabriel's shoulder. Gabriel spit-takes his drink across the bar, his eyes wide with shock.

Silent Jim: Gabriel. Sober up.
Gabriel: PPBBLLLTT!!!