Never happened.

There you go! Thirteen years after we told you about it, your first peek at the Vancouver Disaster. And a better look at the new Angel–she was a little tiny on page 1.

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↓ Transcript
Gabriel stares at Jim in shock. The bartender, spattered with Gabe's expectorations, glowers at nobody in particular.

GABRIEL: J-Jim? How can you--

Gabriel crushes Silent Jim in a sloppy, drunken bearhug. Jim doesn't seem super into it.

GABRIEL: Angel saw you, Jim! She--she watched you die!

Flashback to Vancouver. Angel grips the railing of a sinking ship as a monstrous Sea Demon tears Silent Jim apart with its terrible jaws.

SILENT JIM (OFF): Never happened.
CAPTION: Meanwhile, six months ago...
SFX: *Crunch*

Back in the bar. Gabriel fires off a string of unanswered questions until Silent Jim interrupts him by popping his speech balloon.

GABRIEL: Jesus, Jim, what happened? How did you survive? Where the hell have you been all this time? What are--
SILENT JIM: Need to talk.