I…I don’t think that’s what “rabbit punch” means.

We’ll be back next week with another comic, but after that the Demon Hunters studios will be shutting down for the holidays. I’d considered keeping Ben chained to his drawing desk in an unheated office to keep to a regular schedule, but I was visited in the night by three spirits who showed me the error of my ways. So page 30 will be the last comic of 2014, and we’ll be kicking the New Year off right with page 31 on January 6th.

We’re not gone yet though! This Thursday we’ve got some more advice from everyone’s favorite violet vigilante, with another edition of Purple Ninja: Truth to the Head! It’s not too late to get your questions in! Wondering what to get for that hard to shop for relative? The merits of  natural, non-ambulatory Christmas trees over artificial? Which combination of cookie ingredients perfectly mask the flavor of arsenic? Ask the Purple Ninja! Send your questions to purpleninja@deadgentlemen.com.