Agic-may Ebar-ray Ow-glay Ower-pay!

In other news, a random Facebook post from Andy Dopieralski has launched some exciting discussions. Dead Gentlemen has put together a team of folks to work on a Kentucky Blue Clay point-and-click adventure game, styled after the sort of classic, brilliant games that the late, great, LucasArts used to churn out before turning into a Star Wars crap factory! So something like this:

Secret of Monkey Island + Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis But with slightly more time travel. It’s very much in the exploratory phase, right now. No details on when/if it will actually happen, but we’re all crazy excited about the prospect of it! We’ll keep you up to date!

↓ Transcript
Gabriel yells at Jim, who leans against the van and pulls out a newspaper.
GABRIEL: Dammit, Jim! This isn't funny! At least give me a weapon. A sword, a gun...anything!

Jim's face is covered as he reads the newspaper.

SILENT JIM: You're Gabriel. You'll manage. Fight.

Gabriel looks around, panicky, as the demons creep closer.
FLOATY: Rend your flesh!
CRAWLY: Wear your skin!
FLOATY: Devour your soul!
GABRIEL: Jim, you son of a bitch! Damn, damn, damn, damn--

Gabriel grabs a length of rusty rebar and yanks it from the rubble like King Arthur.

Gabriel grips the rebar "sword" with both hands, holding it vertically in front of his face. The metal glows gold with holy fire as he chants his Latinate blessing. He may be praying, but he's got one hell of a smirk going

GABRIEL: --Well goddamn, boys! This is gonna get messy. You pissed off the WRONG damn meat today! Domine, benedice aeruginosum ferrum, ut has omnes infernales larvas caedam, mother&#@$er!