Demon Hunters: Back from the Dead – Page 8

Demon Hunters: Back from the Dead – Page 8

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15 Responses

  1. Kale says:

    Looks like he’s got some good prayers up his sleeve.

  2. unacomnacomn says:

    And we shall from now on call him, Gabriel Rustyrebar. Move over Oakenshield.

    Sweet news about the adventure game.

  3. The page looks great!
    Only complaint: In the big panel in the middle, Gabe and the stick really stick out of the background (see what I did there?) and thereby don’t really fit into the picture.

  4. Crizz says:

    The Holy Garbage Stick of Ass kicking! It’s cool, though it seems.. kinda.. like.. missing details.. Like the background in the first frame.. The van.. Newspaper.. The story works fine without them though, but the overall view kinda screams newbie at me.. Besides that, I totally dig Gabriels idea of blessing and using any random item to be a Demon Disposer of Awesomeness 😀

  5. Matthew "Kyu Kage" Hunt says:

    Love the sound of a Kentucky Blue Clay game.

    Nice touch with the Rebar…

  6. Am i the only one that decided to plug in Gabriel’s prayer into Google translate? 🙂

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