Demon Hunters: Back from the Dead – Page 7

Demon Hunters: Back from the Dead – Page 7

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  1. unacomnacomn says:

    Well, Raalph seems nice enough, for a bloodthirsty demon.

    I hope you hit that 1K a month soon. One strip a week is going to take a long time to tell a story.

    • I’m sure we will soon enough. The best way to make sure we do is to spread the word to your friends. Even a monthly pledge of pocket change adds up with a growing reader base.

      In the meantime, though, this gives me a chance to get ready for a two-page schedule. So while I’d love to hit that milestone, I’m utilizing the time I’ve got.

  2. Crizz says:

    Okay, on the previous page I mentioned how I loved the floating krang demon.. Up close… not so much XD Also like “raalf”, almost feel sorry for him.
    I wanted to watch the game session, but I live on European time, so it’s kinda difficult with work and life in general. Still waiting for Jim to patent Time Traveling, then I might have a chance XD

  3. Woody Arnold says:

    They post the game Session on YouTube after they’re done. You can see both of them any time you want though the guys do need to do something to make sure people can actually find them. I can but it usually takes a little doing. When I look on the DG YouTube page they don’t usually show up as the most recent video.

  4. Fox Winter says:

    Don’t fall in love with Raalf just yet. Demons come in all shapes and sizes except “trustworthy.” He could be some kind of depression, or indifference demon.

  5. This page simply looks great!

    Although, I suspect that the first panel includes a lot of Ghostbuster reference that I don’t get, because I’ve never seen that movie…

    • Jenna McMichael says:

      Glad you like it! First of all, outside of the floaty guy looking a bit Slimer-y, it really doesn’t have any Ghostbusters references. Second of all, WHAT!?! This will not stand! Go! Stop what you’re doing and go watch Ghostbusters RIGHT NOW! You’re welcome in advance.

  6. Sune Wolff says:

    Every single page fills me with joy!
    I’m such a big fan and I am enjoying the comic so much. (Even though that it’s far from done)
    I was also considering if I should buy the DHRPG?… Well, anyway.

    Keep up the GREAT work, guys!

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