I don’t think that orange dude’s totally into it…

Last night was our first Game Night with the Dead Gentlemen with a special Patreon Guest! Superfan Chris Piazzo, owner of an actual, carved into his flesh, Brotherhood tattoo, joined us, and swiftly left us, as the unusually perceptive video store clerk, Twitch. He will be missed. Chris, you’re awesome. After a brief, YouTube inflicted delay, the game went off with a minimal number of hitches. A lot better than last month’s session, in number of technical problems, audience participation, and overall story. Anybody else watch it? What did you think? Let us know, and we’ll take it to heart for next month’s game!


↓ Transcript
The demonic trio turn at the noise. FLOATY DEMON is a glistening ball of wet, pulsating flesh, ringed with grasping arms and snarling, shark-toothed mouths. It hovers in midair near head-height. CRAWLY DEMON is tall, bone white, and insanely thin. It squats, permanently hunched over, on its six, narrow, spidery legs. It has no eyes, but all of the teeth, and creepy praying mantis arms. RAALF is a morbidly obese, orange, oddly friendly-looking humanoid with ram horns and elephantine feet. A twin row of small, stegosaurus-style bony plates jut through the skin of his back, and the fabric of his coveralls. He looks out of place with these other two. Floaty and Crawly are spattered with blood. They look vicious, feral, and infuriated by Gabriel's presence. Raalf is off to the side, not participating. He's looking worried. He's clearly running with the wrong crowd and in over his head.

CRAWLY: More Meat!
FLOATY: Fresh meat!
RAALF: Uh, yeah. Sure guys. Meat. Yaay, meat!

Gabriel pleads with Jim without taking his eyes off the demons. Jim turns and walks away.

GABRIEL: Jim? Jim, get us out of here!
SILENT JIM: No. Fight.
GABRIEL: Fight?!
SILENT JIM: Or die. Your choice.