Demons? In Demon Hunters? What a novel idea!

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↓ Transcript
Silent Jim stares at Gabriel, frowning.

SILENT JIM: Bull$#&@. You're Gabriel. Act like it.

Gabriel hangs his head, chastened.

GABRIEL: I'm sorry, Jim, but you're wasting your time. A lot's happened since you've been gone. Whatever I used to be...that's not me anymore.

Jim puts a hand on Gabriel's shoulder. A ragged film of darkness begins to swirl in around the edges of the panel, enveloping them. Gabe looks up into Jim's face. He hasn't noticed the weirdness.

SILENT JIM: Hrm...Fine. One last favor?
GABRIEL:Of course, Jim. Anything you--

Suddenly it's sunset in a run down industrial area. We're inside a courtyard formed by the three-sided shell of a mostly collapsed factory. Mounds of concrete rubble are strewn throughout the area. A large area at the center of the courtyard has been cleared of debris, and a giant summoning circle has been chalked on the cement floor. Beyond the bloodstained circle, a trio of demons appears to be feasting on the remains of the mystics who summoned them.

Gabriel and Jim, along with the bus, have appeared just outside the circle, and tendrils of darkness still swirl around their feet. Flaming trashcans provide illumination to the scene.

GABRIEL: --want?